Built by an Equestrian For Equestrians

Equestrian Closet was built out of a desire to connect equestrians with quality apparel and tack from other equestrians. Equestrian Closet provides users with an online marketplace to connect, sell, buy and share the love of the equestrian lifestyle. We hope that this online community both inspires and connects in all the best ways.

Meet the Founder

My heart is the fullest when I am around horses and it has been this way since I was 7 years old. I still remember my first lesson like it was yesterday. I got on that horse and knew that my life had been forever changed. At the time, my family was not into horses and thought that I might like horse riding as a fun after-school hobby. Little did they know this hobby would turn into a lifelong passion.

At age 12, I leased my very first horse, a 17.2 hand grey warmblood, and competed in crossrails against small ponies…it was epic! I attended summer camps for weeks at a time and volunteered to be able to spend more time at camp. Through the years, I have been so fortunate to further my riding career, competing all over the US and I am now an amateur showing in the adult equitation and hunters.

As much as I love competing, my love for this sport is so much more than that. The equestrian community continues to blow me away and I feel so grateful to have made so many lifelong friends from varying backgrounds in this sport. Horses have the power to connect us no matter race, religion or political beliefs and that to me is one of the most beautiful aspects of this sport.

After realizing how diverse yet small the equestrian community is, I started to think: “What if there were an online marketplace, just for equestrians, to buy and sell their old tack, clothing and accessories?” While there are other resell shops out there, there are none that cater specifically to the equestrian community I love so much. Thus Equestrian Closet was born out of a desire to both make the equestrian lifestyle more affordable but to also connect this community with love for the sport at the center of it all.